BL-10 Reviews

  • Lindemann – BL-10 Loudspeakers

    Early 2012 saw me braving the wintry elements to drive down to visit Roy Gregory deep in the New Forest some 100 miles west of London. The purpose was primarily to pick up the Lindemann BL-10 speakers, but it also gave me the unique opportunity to listen to both the Crystal Arabesque Mini and the […]


  • Lindemann BL-10 stand-mounted loudspeaker

    There are two things I can say for sure about these speakers. First is that with the right amplification, in a smaller room, they sure can make beautiful music. Second, they use the very latest scientific, computer, and engineering design methods. Lindemann claims that it uses only the best of today’s available materials, including ceramic […]


  • Crazy Bird

    Liquid nitrogen and bulletproof insulation:Lindemann‘s compact Birdland 10 ispure hi-tech and great listening pleasure.  Norbert Lindemann, technical director of the high-end manufacturer of the same name, takes a different approach to many aspects of perfecting playback than his competitors do. While, for example, an Alon Wolf from Magico prefers plenty of bulk when it comes to his loudspeakers (see Q5, Text 5/11), the […]