825 Digital Player Reviews

  • TAB_825 Review 2012

    Perhaps more important, it is the most affordable (and versatile) digital front-end that I could happily live with, free from performance angst on hi-fi or musical grounds.


  • Lindemann 825 High Definition Disc Player

    I was very impressed with the Lindemann 825’s reproduction of music on CD. I have found that in most cases a well-implemented computer-based music system sounds better than a music system with a disc transport. However, I had a hard time distinguishing between the 825’s very excellent rendition of discs from its rendering of computer […]


  • Changing of the Guard

    he new 825 CD player takes over fromLindemann’s previously very successfulSACD player, waves goodbye to SACD andopens the door to music on the PC. Thischanging of the guard applies to the entireline of disc players; it is also accompaniedby an increase in sound quality