USB-DAC 24/192

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The Lindemann USB-DAC 24/192 (XMOS chipset) is a digital to analog converter with a wealth of potential applications. Whether you choose to use it as an external sound card for your computer, to update the sound quality of older digital components, or to get more out of your TV or Blue Ray device – its musical capabilities will add greatly to your listening pleasure.

USB Audio Class 2

The USB-DAC 24/192 is one of the first “USB Audio Class 2” components worldwide capable of 24 bit/192 kHz resolution. It makes playing downloaded studio quality recordings simplicity itself and opens up totally new possibilities for digital music playback.

Refined Unsampling Process

The latest generation of electronic components now deliver a sound experience previously unheard of in this price class.   It features a fully symmetrical analog output stage with extreme high bandwidth, and benefits from the performance of the great sounding WM 8742 chip from Wolfson – eliminating any hint of “digital” harshness.

Minimum Phase Apodizing Filter

Making a major contribution to this characteristic are innovative digital filter processes such as the “minimum phase apodizing filter”. It suppresses the filtering of the original recording and replaces it with a new filter showing a natural impulse response. This post-processing leads to a significant improvement of less than optimal recordings – during playback!

All Customary Data Formats over Mac and PC

The USB-DAC 24/192 (XMOS) handles all customary data formats, i.e. 44.1 kHz/ 48 kHz/ 88.2 kHz/ 96 kHz/ 176.4 kHz/ 192 kHz. Apple Computers (from OSX 10.6.4/ Snow Leopard) need no additional drivers to play these data formats. A professional and certified driver, licensed to Lindemann, is contained on the CD supplied with the USB-DAC 24/192.  Windows systems (32 & 64-bit) are now supported.

Highly effective, active Jitter Reduction

The USB-DAC 24/192 features an additional, active jitter reduction circuit based on a digital PLL and memory buffering of the digital stream. The remaining jitter of the signal (not only of the clock!) is below 50ps. This feature promises a great sonic improvement for your stereo equipment.

Ultrafast Output Section with Current Feedback

The fully balanced, ultrafast output section with current feedback exhibits virtually perfect time domain behavior. Also contributing to this DAC’s exceptional musicality are the low negative feedback, the first-order analog filter and the lack of op amps.