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Lindemann proudly presents a new range of speakers based on 30 years of experience and passion for loudspeakers.

Compact in size, with high efficiency and the ultimate in resolution, these speakers have what it takes to become an audio industry benchmark. No compromises have been accepted in pursuit of this ambitious goal, and only the best of today’s available materials have been used in their construction. Completely handmade in Germany, Birdland speakers promise a totally new listening experience.

The latest generation of German-made ceramic cone drivers is used throughout. Extremely stiff, light weight, solid ceramic cones give these drivers a potential for outstanding resolution, efficiency and life like performance. At the same time, however, these drivers present a great challenge to the speaker designer, since they are very unforgiving of errors in crossover or cabinet design.

The crossovers in the Birdland Series do not force the drivers to maintain a specific transfer function such as »Butterworth« or »Bessel«; instead, their slopes are derived from the »natural« transfer function of the drivers modified (by computer simulation) for minimum phase behavior. This »Intelligent Minimum Phase Crossover« delivers perfect frequency- and time-domain performance by having just a single component in the signal path of the midrange driver. Unparalleled coherence and wide dispersion are the direct result.

We undertook a great deal of research to optimize the cabinet as a critical component of the speaker system. Many cabinet materials were tested for energy storage, resonance behavior and self-damping. Conventional materials such as MDF, plywood, stone and aluminum were all found to be unsatisfactory in at least some of these aspects. We therefore decided to look for a new combination of materials that would offer lightness, stiffness and good self-damping at the same time. The outcome is a unique multilayer composite made from plywood, cork and furniture linoleum. Because it does not store energy, the cabinet does not produce a delayed resonance »response«. As a result, the power of the amplifier is directed much more effectively towards making music rather than being partly absorbed by the cabinet materials. This leads to an impressively powerful, well defined and exceptionally balanced performance at lower midrange and bass frequencies.