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Robert Harley CES Show Report 2012

Welcome to One World Audio

One World Audio supports audio dealers who prefer to offer exceptional playback systems to their customers. We import and provide some of the world’s finest audio components championing 2-channel audio, and we only represent those manufacturers that have the aptitude to design products capable of reproducing music as an unveiled performance, excelling in transparency, depth and with enough organic qualities that rouse emotion.


Recent News

  • “This was another room with a very rich and inviting sound.”
    Ray Seda | Dagogo | September 2012  Indeed this one was strutting its stuff. The overall system was comprised of the Voce Audio VA-3 Speakers ($19.9k), Lindemann 885 Integrated Power Amplifier ($14,500), JIB and WyWires cabling throughout, Zesto Audio Andros PS1 P…
  • Lindemann receives award!
    David Robinson | Positive Feedback | July 2012…in recognition of truly superior show room sonics & musical experience…
  • THE Show Newport Beach, 2012: My Audio Oasis! Awards
    David W. Robinson | Positive Feedback | July 2012As I listened to the Lindemann 825 Digital Player…I found a sound that was unique: very detailed, but not grainy or harsh at all; dynamic, clean, and clear audio reproduction that strayed nowhere near analytical or tiring digital so…
  • TAB_Newport Show Report 2012
    Marc Mickelson | The Audio Beat | July 2012The Lindemann BL-10s went so far beyond simply not perturbing the room that they easily outperformed many larger speakers used in identical rooms all over the show.
  • TAB_Munich Show 2012
    Roy Gregory | The Audio Beat | July 2012Few systems you’ll hear will be as lucid and immediately communicative as an all-Lindemann setup…  Lindemann could just be one of the audio industry’s best-kept secrets.
  • Robert Harley CES Show Report 2012
    Robert Harley | The Absolute Sound | April 2012The system, put together by Zesto, Lindemann, and retailer Audio Revelation, was absolutely jaw-dropping in its presence and realism.
  • Rocky Mountain Audio Fest
    Paul Mah | Stereo Times | November 2011
    My choice for Best Sound at this year’s RMAF 2011 goes to Lindemann audiotechnik/One World Audio/Zesto Audio room. The music produced by this system was closer to the emotional impact of live music…
  • California Audio Show by Dagogo
    Dave & Carol Clark | Positive Feedback | July 2011These Lindeman loudspeakers were easily the best sound of the show, they drew us back more than once. Big refined sound from such a diminutive box. The design is very slick too.
  • California Audio Show by Dagogo
    Jason Victor Serinus | Secrets CAVE | July 2011This was one of the rooms that I sincerely wished I could revisited and spent several hours in…  The sound was so right, with a realistic amount of edge on the period instrument violins, that I wanted to hear the entire concerto.
  • T.H.E. SHOW, Newport Beach
    Josh Ray | Sonic Flare | June 2011German precision at its finest…  These small stand mounted monitors featured room-filling sound, hyper-precision and Rolex-like craftsmanship.  Great demo.

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